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The village of “Astris” or “Astrida” is an alternative destination full of surprises and changes. In recent years, it has been one of the top villages with the highest number of visitors every day , some of the reasons of the popularity is “Psili Ammos’ which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of “Giola”, the natural pool which is unique and rare of its kind and the beach of Salonikios with its golden-red sand and its amazing sunset. Astris have an island called also Astrida. It is inhabited only by flocks of sheep, goats and, of course, seagulls. In fact, it is said that this particular island was the island of the sirens in the Ancient Odyssey. Astris is of great historical and archaeological interest as many archaeological investigations will take place in the area in the coming years. Finally the meaning of the name Astris describes the sky full of stars.


Koinira is located in the eastern part of the island. It is a quiet village suitable for tranquility and a carefree mood. Ypsario, the highest peak of the island dominates mansions behind this village creating a harmonious contrast between the sea and the green of the mountain. Koinira village always have an unique parfum made of wet earth and pine. Nature here makes a strong appearance, the beach always has space for those who want to enjoy a peaceful excursion into the sea.The island of Koiniriotiko completes the exotic beauty of this landscape. Do not miss to visit this village with full moon as it is famous for its romantic beauty during those nights. Koinira has an ancient history with references from the first settlers of this island, with visible signs of this history everywhere around the area. Ruins of old goldsmiths of the Byzantine baths and others.


Limenaria is located southwest of Thassos and is the second largest village in terms of population on the island. It is one of the most popular villages in visitors in recent years on the island. It is a beautiful coastal village with special architecture around its port, adorned with two ports, the new and the old, with the “Palataki” as the symbol of this village, spoted east on the hill of the old port. The Palataki building marks an important historical period for Limenaria as it was created to serves the mining management of the area’s mines. Back in time,Limenaria had quite a strong presence in economic and labor factors, starting as far back as 1905. Today, Palataki is a a place of attraction for every visitor, as is the surrounding area of mining area. Limenaria has one of the longest beaches in Thassos, suitable for swimming almost anywhere!

Skala Kallirachi

Skala Kallirachi is located west of the island and is build surround the coastal area. Here seems like the time stops. The serenity and the authenticity of the local people of the village dominate every corner of it. The Kallirachi staircase is the second part of the village of Kallirachi which is located i mountainous from the staircase at 150 to 200 meters fromthe coast. The village of Kallirachi is located below the characteristic peak of the “Metamorphosis of Sotiros”, where, more specifically, the primary settlement of Kallirachi named Kaki rachi was also located. If you visit Skala Kallirachis, don’t miss a walk in its Mountain version.Its traditional island architecture, narrow streets and the sweetness of the locals will win you over. Skala Kallirachi is famous for fishermen of and the Huts. The small houses are built where the sea begins. The primary reason for their creation was to protect the boats of the locals from bad weather. Now these Huts are permanent residences or tourist accommodation.


is a relatively new seaside village with a lot of development and reconstruction. It is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations. It used to be the “skala” of Theologos village. The residents of Theologos who had olive groves and fields in the area of ​​Potos , lived in their makeshift Huts in Potos during their work. Potos has evolved over the years through new activities related to tourism, fishing and other occupations that the locals have found in the area. Now it has permanent residents in winter and summer. There are many tourists who have this village as their established holiday choice for consecutive years. It is suitable for young people as well as for families! One of its important advantages is the long sandy beach , with the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and Mount Athos, with beautiful sunsets all year round. Its privileged southern location automatically makes its climate very good without humidity. If you visit this village, don’t miss a walk to Agios Antonios and more specifically the chapel that is located east on the top of the Hill at the end of Potos Bay.


It is the capital of the island and is located in the northwestern part of Thassos. Limenas has the closest distance between island and Keramoti port. In just half an hour from the port of the limenas you are in the port of Keramoti. The distance is only 6 nautical miles and ferry boat theitineraries is quite regular in winter and summer. Limenas has not 1 but 3 ports. Since ancient times, Thassos has been the capital and at that time it had two ports, the commercial and the military. Limenas has a long archaeological history back to the Neolithic time. Taking a walk at Limenas feels like traveling back on time as the archival remnants of the old state are mixed with Limenas of today. Do not miss to visit the ancient theater located in the ancient Acropolis in the Ancient Market and of course and the archaeological museum which will fascinate you. Limenas is the village that has the most traffic in winter and summer, it is almost the administrative center of the island, banks, public services and of course has a large market for shopping. Also in the surrounding area you will find beautiful beaches such as Pahy, Nysteri, Porto Vathi and others.


It is a settlement to the east of Thassos which belongs to the community of Theologos. The entire settlement is characterized by its rare beauty. With emerald waters, combined everywhere around with remnants of the old Alice intertwined with the present, creating a unique landscape of extraordinary beauty. Every corner of this area has something magical. Traditional small houses, tavernas by the sea, ancient temples, olive and pine trees as far as the sea. If you visit this place don’t miss to follow the ancient path that you will find at the edge of the beach ,and will lead you on a journey through time to ancient civilizations such as Roman and Byzantine. Aliki is famous for one of the most ancient marble quarries on the island. The presence of the total white rocks and the sea blue-green palettes will be unforgettable.


The village of Panagia is a mountainus village camouflaged in the mountains. Surrounded by plane trees, pines and olive trees and full of streams, fountains and springs with crystal clear water, it automatically ranks this place as one of the most beautiful mountainus villages of the island. The narrow cobbled streets and the stately traditional houses have characterized it since 1978 as a traditional settlement. The name Panagia is from the homonymous famous church of the “Kimisis tis Theotokou” which has been built since 1831. Don’t miss to taste the local food of the area and try the local wine and tsipouro!



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